The Group's family culture is one of our engines for growth and success

The Group’s family culture is one of our engines for growth and success: everything in Schmidt Groupe is conceived to enable everyone, regardless of their job, to engage fully in a value creation chain that is dedicated entirely to the needs of our customers.

Industrial innovation combined with the excellence of the personal contacts, both internally and externally, with customers, partners, employees, etc. are the guarantee of our future success.

“BE THE BEST, RESPECT EVERYONE, SUCCEED TOGETHER” (Karl Leitzgen) is the principle at the very heart of our raison d’être. Shunning grand rhetoric, it is enthusiasm and the fun of doing things together, solidarity and sharing emotions THAT CARRY US FORWARD IN THE SAME DIRECTION, simply and surely…

We have six commitments that we live and breathe both inside and outside the company:

  • Delight the customer
  • Be respectful, considerate , honest
  • Be close, be there, be clear, be accessible
  • Take pleasure in a good job well done
  • Be convincing
  • Remember that the customer counts on us