Our Mission

We want to be a better company for the world, a better company for everyone, a company that respects the planet and its inhabitants!

“In 1934, Hubert Schmidt created a house construction company. Firmly focused on his customers’ needs and concerned about their well-being in their homes, he began fitting his homes with kitchen sideboards. It was not long before the business switched completely from houses to sideboards, since they allowed the company to play an even more central role in people’s lives and help improve their home life. Then fitted kitchens took over from sideboards as the company strove to deliver a more tailored response to each customer’s individual needs and desires. The wheels of the trend for personalised home interiors were clearly in motion.

Since day one, confidence and respect have been an integral part of Schmidt’s DNA… confidence in the men and women throughout our extended enterprise, from our suppliers to our customers, confidence in the future, and confidence in our company’s potential, without forgetting respect for our commitments, people and the environment.

In 1986, alongside Antonia (the daughter of founder Hubert Schmidt) and Karl Leitzgen, the employees wrote the company’s philosophy: “We want to be the best, respect one another and succeed together.”  That is exactly how Schmidt Groupe expresses its originality, its sincere commitment to get it right, to create a positive impact on our entire ecosystem, on the planet and all its inhabitants.

We are driven by our ambition of enabling everyone to experience better living on the planet (personal fulfilment and preservation of the planet). We want to help people achieve lasting well-being and greater pleasure in their homes. That is why we create inspiring living spaces for our customers, employees and partners.

We enable our teams to thrive in a culture that fosters agility, consideration, trust, cooperation and responsibility. We take a proactive approach to ensuring that as many people as possible have access to an inspiring/inspired, sustainable and healthy living space that reflects their personality.

We are relentless and uncompromising in our efforts to protect and regenerate our natural resources (biodiversity, water and carbon). We take care to strike a balance between the economic, social and environmental pillars to guarantee the safety and sustainability of our ecosystem.

As climate and social change continues to gain pace, here at Schmidt Groupe, a committed extended enterprise, we are determined to take faster and greater action in reinventing your personalised, sustainable living space so that you can enjoy a greater sense of well-being in your home. Together, we will help reinvent our way of better living in the world.

That is what our company is all about, i.e. creating sustainable living spaces that are both inspired and inspiring!”

Inspiring living spaces… for sustainable living.