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The website at (hereinafter the “Website”) belongs to SCHMIDT GROUPE S.A.S. (hereinafter “SCHMIDT GROUPE”).

The aim of this Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) is to explain how all your personal information collected by SCHMIDT GROUPE is processed and inform you of all your rights and how you can exercise those rights. To provide you with easy access to all the information that you need, this document also contains the legal information relating to the Website.

SCHMIDT GROUPE is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information when you navigate through our Website.

By using the Website, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. SCHMIDT GROUPE reserves the right to freely amend this Policy. Any modifications will take immediate effect. That is why SCHMIDT GROUPE advises you to read the latest version available whenever visiting the Website.

I. What is personal information?

“Personal information” or “personal data” means any information that can be used to personally identify you either directly or indirectly (e.g. your name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, etc.).

II. How do we collect and protect your personal information?

1. Who collects and protects your personal information ?

The company responsible for processing your personal information is SCHMIDT GROUPE SAS.

2. When does SCHMIDT GROUPE collect your personal information?

-When you fill in a contact form with your personal information

When you fill in a contact or application form, we collect your personal information:

  • To enable us to respond to your enquiries (requests for information, appointments, and so on).
  • For the purpose of analysing Website traffic.

The personal information that we collect when you fill in one of our forms is electronically processed for use by SCHMIDT GROUPE.

-Via cookies

The cookies installed on your computer also allow SCHMIDT GROUPE to collect your personal information and identify you. For further details about cookies, refer to Section IV.

3. What information is collected?

SCHMIDT GROUPE only collects the information that you wish to provide. Some types of information must be collected in order to respond to your enquiries, whereas other types of information may be optional. Therefore, SCHMIDT GROUPE may be unable to answer your enquiries if you decline to disclose the required personal information.

4. What is the purpose of processing information?

The information collected is used for research, analysis, commercial and marketing purposes. Your data may also be used to personalise the Website’s display.

5. Who receives the information collected ?

The information collected is sent to the parties involved in addressing your enquiries. More specifically, the recipient is SCHMIDT GROUPE.

6. Who is responsible for hosting the information collected?

The personal information collected is stored on servers hosted exclusively in the European Union.
Collected information may transit over servers hosted around the world. Such countries may offer a different level of protection to the levels applied in Europe and especially France.
SCHMIDT GROUPE will take all necessary measures to maintain an adequate level of security and confidentiality from transfer through to receipt.

The third parties that are contractually bound to SCHMIDT GROUPE and who may have access to the information collected must meet the same obligations as those fulfilled by SCHMIDT GROUPE in terms of protecting personal information.

7. How long is my information kept on record?

SCHMIDT GROUPE retains personal information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected and to the extent permitted by law.

Information collected for prospecting purposes is retained for the period during which users interact with the Website or receive the newsletter to which they have subscribed, plus an additional three years.

8. What are my rights?

In pursuance of the French Data Protection Act 1978, you have the right to access, view and amend your personal information.
You also have the right to prevent your personal information from being processed for legitimate reasons or prospection purposes as well as define instructions for how the foregoing rights are to be exercised after your death.

To find out more, view your rights on the CNIL website, France’s data protection authority.

To exercise your rights or update your information, you can send your request:

If you ask us to delete your personal information, we may nevertheless retain your information in our archives for the period necessary to fulfil our legal, accounting and tax obligations, and especially to prevent any unlawful behaviour after your account has been deleted (such as your old account being reused by a third party).

III. What is a location-based service?

When you use a computer, tablet, smartphone or other device to visit the Website and use some of our services, we may collect, with your consent, information about your actual location. This is what is known as a location-based service.

IV. How are cookies managed?

1. What are cookies?

When you are using the Website, information relating to your navigation through the Website may be stored in text files called “cookies” installed on your device.

Cookies cover all the trackers left on your hard drive when you visit a website. They are used to collect certain types of navigation data to improve your experience when you next visit a website. The information contained in the cookies can only be read or modified by the sender.

2. Why does SCHMIDT GROUPE use cookies?

We use cookies to improve your experience when returning to the Website by recording information relating to your navigation through the Website. Cookies are installed on your hard drive while you are browsing the Website.

Management cookies memorise the information that you have entered in a form on the Website (such as registering or accessing your account).

SCHMIDT GROUPE uses Google Analytics cookies to enhance the Website’s look and feel by establishing statistics (number of visits, average time on pages, time spent on the website, etc.).

3. What are my rights relating to cookies?

You can configure the cookie tracking settings on your web browser (in the browser’s menu). Note that the procedure for configuring your settings varies according to the browser used and must be performed on each device used.

Therefore, you can allow or prevent cookies from being installed on your hard drive when navigating through the Website, and you can change your settings at any time.
For more information about cookies and browser settings, visit the CNIL website at:

To remove Google Analytics cookies, visit the following page:

  • If you agree to cookies

The installation of cookies is subject to your consent. After you have agreed, cookies can be stored on your hard drive. Only the sender is likely to access and modify them.

  • If you opt out of cookies

If you do not want cookies to be installed on your hard drive, you can navigate through the Website by adding the “#kameleoonOptout=true” parameter to the end of the URL address.

Preventing cookies from being stored on your hard drive may affect certain navigation features.

As such, we disclaim all liability if the Website fails to operate correctly following your refusal to install the cookies required for effective navigation.

V. What is the link between the Website and the social networks that you are using?

If you are browsing the Website at the same time as you are signed into a social network, a connection is established between the servers of the social network and Website.

The Website’s content may be shared over different social networking sites (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

If you do not wish the social network to collect your information from the Website, you must log out of the social network before navigating through the Website.

For further details about the protection and confidentiality of your personal information, refer to the privacy policies of the social networking sites used.

VI. What security measures are in place when you are browsing on the Internet?

To provide you with a safe browsing experience, we take every possible security measure when collecting and processing your personal information.

1. Malicious use

We would advise you to keep your password safe and not disclose it to anyone. Note that SCHMIDT GROUPE employees will never ask you to disclose your password.
Any links, passwords and emails received from SCHMIDT GROUPE must never be disclosed to third parties to eliminate any risk of identity theft.
If you have reason to believe that your personal information is being used in a malicious way or if you receive an email from SCHMIDT GROUPE that appears to be fraudulent, please notify our services immediately by writing to

Nevertheless, you are solely responsible for the security of your network. SCHMIDT GROUPE may under no circumstances be held liable if your personal information is captured by other operators while you are navigating on the Internet.

We recommend that you install antivirus and firewall software on your device and restrict access to your home network for even greater security.

You use this Website at your own risk and in compliance with applicable legislation. The publisher of the Website may in no way be held liable for any direct or consequential damages, including material damage, loss of data or programs or financial losses arising from your access or use of this Website or any other linked sites. No warranties of any kind whatsoever can be given in respect of the content of this Website.

2. Concerning the Website’s content

The Website contains information provided by external companies or hyperlinks to other websites that have not been developed by SCHMIDT GROUPE. The content published on the Website is provided for information purposes only. A hyperlink on this Website to another website does not imply that SCHMIDT GROUPE endorses such third-party websites or their content. You are responsible for using caution and good judgement when using such information. SCHMIDT GROUPE shall not be held liable for any information, opinions or recommendations provided by third parties.

VII. Intellectual property

Intellectual property rights belonging to SCHMIDT GROUPE

SCHMIDT GROUPE is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights to both the structure and content of the Website on a worldwide basis.

Consequently, all trademarks, logos, images, photos, videos, information and texts are the exclusive property of SCHMIDT GROUPE. Unless you have received prior express authorisation from SCHMIDT GROUPE or except in cases of strictly private use, you may not reproduce, represent and/or use, modify, translate, sell, publish, exploit or disseminate the elements on this Website in digital format or using any known or currently unknown format or storage medium.

In the event of a violation of these provisions, you and any other responsible parties may incur civil or criminal liability, especially in pursuance of Sections L.335-2 et seq. and L.716-9 et seq. of France’s Intellectual Property Code.


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