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Join our panel of suppliers and let us draw strength from our shared ambitions

  • Schmidt Groupe strives to establish strong relations with its suppliers in order to continuously advance in the fields of quality, costs, delivery times and innovation for the joint benefit of both parties and in full respect for people and the environment.
  • All our suppliers, irrespective of their country of origin, must guarantee that their staff benefit from health and safety conditions that comply with human rights requirements and must conform to international regulations.
  • We prefer to enter into contractual agreements with local economic actors, followed by those acting at the national, European and, finally, global levels in order to sustain employment in the communities where we are located and reduce the carbon footprint of our procurements.
  • We have no General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. The contractual conditions set out in our orders or our agreements are arrived at by negotiation.
  • We are committed to being impartial and objective towards our suppliers, from the request for proposals through to the negotiating phase and throughout the entire relation with the supplier. We respect our contractual commitments.
  • We undertake to respect our suppliers’ intellectual property and guarantee the confidentiality of our dealings.
  • We will not enter into situations that could potentially generate a conflict of interests, (e.g: supplier gifts, unnecessary restaurant invitations, etc.)
  • All our purchasers are committed to respect and ensure respect for a charter setting out all the commitment of the Purchasing Policy, as well as Schmidt Groupe’s code of conduct and rules relating to impartiality and the fight against corruption.
  • Thanks to its respect for these commitments, Schmidt Groupe has been certified for its “Responsible Supplier Relations”.